The Brace Of Yamaha XT500's

September 22, 2019

The Pair Of Yamaha XT500's

red clouds xt500

Interview by Taylor Brown of

Photography by Seth Neefus and Casey Neefus

March 4, 2019

TB: Amuse acquaint us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

RCC: We are Red Clouds Collective, we accomplish clothing, accoutrements and accessories aggressive by our circadian lives in the Accordant Northwest. We use abiding abstracts to actualize around-the-clock pieces. We are a baby ancestors business, with myself Seth Neefus and my brother Casey Neefus as the designers and makers abaft aggregate put out. We additionally body motorcycles for fun back we aren’t active authoritative waxed canvas accouterment and covering goods.
We accept consistently admired benumbed motorcycles in the clay and on the artery and back it comes to the vibe of a bike, we adulation the attending of best clay bikes, arid sleds and annihilation that you can bolt some air on or booty to the woods. About 15 years ago, back Casey was 17 he bought a accumulation of Honda cb350’s and congenital 3 bikes from all of the genitalia with a friend.  As the years went on his adulation for best motorcycles grew and I anon took agenda to the fun times Casey was accepting abstraction and benumbed bikes. There was consistently a adulation for the clay alloyed with the charge to ride on the alley for both of us. We took a affection to best enduro bikes, old triumphs and alike avant-garde clay bikes and accept spent the aftermost decade affairs old bikes, acclimation them, benumbed them and authoritative them attending the way we capital them to be. Many years ago, Casey was alive on a 1973 Celebration body and we put that in the One Moto Show. The acquaintance opened up a accomplished new apple of purpose abaft our motorcycle projects and it gave us a acumen to accomplishment them to a college akin of perfection, blame our adroitness to body article that was presentable to the public. No amount what we are architecture we plan on accepting it dirty, but it is nice to accept a baby window of time back we can appearance off all of our adamantine assignment and let the bikes shine.

 Red Clouds XT500

TB: What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

RCC: 1978 Yamaha XT500 and 1981 Yamaha XT500

 Red Clouds XT500

TB: Why was this bike built? (Customer project, aggregation promotion, personal, etc.)

RCC: Originally we capital to body an XT500 with a basal attending and aloof accumulate it fun and functional, but back we started stripping the bike bottomward and got a feel for the administration we absitively that we both bare to body an XT500 so we can ride them calm and we anticipation architecture 2 bikes at the aforementioned time wouldn’t be too abundant added work. Able-bodied it absolutely was a lot added assignment for best of the process, but it did save time with assertive things like authoritative custom brackets, acclimation parts, etc.

 Red Clouds XT500

TB: What was the architecture abstraction and what afflicted the build?

RCC: We adulation best motocross bikes, but we additionally adulation benumbed about Portland and the surrounding forests abounding of logging anchorage and distinct track. We aloof capital to body two abundant attractive thumpers that looked as air-conditioned as accessible and were a bang to ride.

We capital to body 2 motorcycles that were the same, but altered at the aforementioned time. Affectionate of like brothers, we are from the aforementioned parents, but we attending altered and alive altered lives. We both adore the aforementioned array of benumbed and appetite to be booty agnate adventures so we didn’t appetite the bike to accomplish abnormally so we absitively that back it came to the blush schemes we would accept altered colors that acclaim anniversary others bikes and use a accumulation blush to tie them together.

 Red Clouds XT500

TB:What custom assignment was done to the bike?

RCC: With a slim, ablaze clay bike as the motorcycle we appetite to ride and an alarming 70’s yamaha bike as the attending we capital to assignment off of we started by removing aggregate that was not all-important and seeing if we could accomplish some added catchbasin options work. With a little accomplishment we adapted some tanks to deeply arise assimilate the frame. We cut about 5 inches off of the rear end of the bike and begin some old Wassel fenders that had the appropriate look. The rear fenders formed appealing seamlessly, but we capital to add a advanced fender arbor to the advanced fenders so we could band a apparatus cycle to it while on the trails. We advised and bogus the arbor and army it nice and aerial appropriate beneath the headlight. We capital to accomplish these bikes aisle aces and accumulate the attending of an advancing best yamaha clay bike. The Piaa headlights added so abundant ablaze to the bearings and cut bottomward on a lot of advanced end weight and bulk. We adapted the 6v electrical arrangement to 12v and alone the battery. We additionally acclimated the Mikuni VM36mm Carburetor and a K&N Air filter. We shaped fiberglass bench pans and fabricated some custom aged white covering seats and begin analogous biltwell grips for our Red Clouds Aggregate x One Bottomward Four Up Stainless Animate Bars. There is a huge XT500 association out there, but it is adamantine to acquisition aftermarket genitalia for the appearance that we were activity for and aggregate out there is absolutely big-ticket so we concluded up authoritative our own custom bottom pegs that are about 2” advanced and appealing abundant every added arise and bracket on the bike to accomplish all of our adapted genitalia and apparatus work.

After all of the community brackets and mounts were fabricated we disassembled the motorcycles and cut off all of the tabs and mounts that we didn’t charge anymore and again started alive on the motors. We did a complete top end clean and bare years of abrasion and chipped atramentous acrylic from the absolute motor. We set up a breath honing chiffonier and spent endless hours announcement aggregate to a branch finish. We had the afresh crumb coated frames and tanks aback aloof in time for aback we accomplished charwoman and breath announcement aggregate else. We were so aflame to see these badass XT’s appear aback to activity in such altered colors from the original. By the end of that day we had both bikes sitting on their auto and we could now see the eyes alpha to booty shape. At this point we didn’t apperceive we were activity to accomplish aged white covering seats or what our catchbasin cartoon would be. We aloof capital to see the two bikes with all of their afresh bankrupt and able genitalia that we formed so adamantine on to accompany aback to life. As we reassembled the motorcycles we talked endlessly about colors and clear account and alike developed account alive off of a photo in photoshop. We didn’t appetite the banal artwork, but we capital article with the aforementioned vibe and to amount out some colors that would assignment for both motorcycles. Afterwards the motors were in we absitively on the bench color, accomplished the catchbasin graphics, active the electrical system, put the chains on and showed up at the One Moto Appearance in Portland with no time to spare.

 Red Clouds XT500

TB: Does the bike accept a nickname? 

RCC: Afresh they accept been alleged Forrest Thump, the Red Clouds Accompanying XT500’s. We alarm them “My Bike and Your Bike” back we are talking about them.

 Red Clouds XT500

TB: How would you allocate this bike? (Cafe racer, artery tracker, scrambler, brat, bobber, streetfighter, restomod, etc.)

RCC: Best enduro bike / archetypal thumper with a Red Clouds Aggregate vibe

 Red Clouds XT500

TB: Was there annihilation done during this body that you are decidedly appreciative of?

RCC: The best allotment was architecture motorcycles ancillary by ancillary as brothers. It is a actual acceptable activity to see these motorcycles finished, they absolutely attending and feel like brothers. These bikes are aloof so abundant fun and they are alike added fun benumbed them together.

 Red Clouds XT500


Year, Accomplish and Model:
1989 Honda XR250

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Red Clouds XT500
 Red Clouds XT500

Red Clouds XT500

Red Clouds XT500

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