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RCC Artisan Copy Bodice - Wendy Neefus


Limited Artisan Copy of 48 shirts.

The artwork on this shirt is a awning book of a photograph taken by Wendy Neefus in 1984. 

About Wendy Neefus:

When I was a adolescent my grandparents would booty my brothers and me for walks into the dupe while they photographed the wildlife of the Hudson Basin in upstate New York. I accept so abounding memories watching deer run through fields as their white cape would abandon into the distance, spying on baby fox families as they played about their den and we’d absorb hours calling geese from the bank of a pond.

My grandparents had a abysmal affiliation to the basin amid the Berkshire and Catskill Mountains and spent their lives exploring the admirable wildlife and capturing images that showed a added acknowledgment for the acreage they lived in.

My grandfather, Wendover Neefus Jr “Wendy” and my grandmother Virginia “Jinny” spent about 50 years active a photography flat in Hudson, NY. They photographed flat portraits, artefact photography, weddings, and all of the aerial academy chief photos for ancestors in this baby boondocks tucked abroad forth the Hudson River. Back the banal was over they would arch to the dupe to photograph the wildlife throughout the alteration seasons in the Hudson Valley.

These were altered times; continued afore computers, agenda cameras and corpuscle phones. It took years to become a accomplished photographer, and apprentice able lighting, how to advance blur and book from your negatives. The canicule back you had to await on family, accompany and community. There was no acclimate app or google maps, you had to apperceive the acreage and apprehend the acclimate of the season.

The Deer in the Moon photograph took abounding years to accomplish. Back the moon was alone in the appropriate position in aboriginal autumn anniversary year, it took 3 years to abduction the deer adjoin the Abounding Moon. Wendy would allurement the deer with blah on the acropolis and delay at night for the moment the deer would contour adjoin the moon. Not alone did this photograph booty years, months, abounding backward nights, a lot accomplishment and arduous luck, but he managed to abduction an iconic angel that is simple and timeless. He took this photo in 1984 and there has consistently been a book affected on our walls in the abode I grew up in and the homes of abounding relatives. It represents the adamantine assignment and adherence it takes to accomplish article so basal accept such a able impact. This is a accurate archetype of the announcement “Less is more” and back I see this angel it reminds me of a simpler time, times of alive for what you love.

By Seth Neefus


A adequate and archetypal Bodice fabricated in the U.S.A.

  • Color: Black
  • Artwork: 4 Blush Awning Book of A Photograph by Wendy Neefus
  • USA Fabricated shirt by The Bed-making Mills
  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL

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